Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby Food Jar Storage Plaque!

Like I've said before, I have an abundance of baby food jars! And while thinking of all the things I could do with them, I came up with an idea to hang them on the wall for storage.

It was really pretty simple to so, all you need to make it is a wooden plaque, baby food jars, craft glue, and paint! I boiled and cleaned the baby food jars ahead of time and like I've said before, after a few minuted of soaking the labels come right off! I started by painting the plaque and the inside bottom of the baby food jars and letting them dry. (I painted the bottom of the jars so that when you look inside them you don't just see the glue)

Then, I arranged the jars on the plaque and used E6000 craft glue to glue them on. 
They dried for about 24 hours.

I knew that where I mounted it to the wall you would see the screws, so I bought little wooden discs...painted them the same color as the inside of the jars...and decorated them to look like little buttons!

So once I mounted it to the wall, I just glued the "buttons" over the screws!
I put it in my bathroom and filled the jars with bobby pins, Q-tips, hair bands, tweezers, and little nail files!



  1. This is a great idea. I put my own spin on it and just gathered the ends and tied with thread instead of sewing it. I also didn't have fabric or polyfil, so I used an old sheet of my daughter's and the polyfil from an old stuffed animal.

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